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Dessert Wines | Sweet Wines

Dessert Wines
German Wines

Riesling Classic A. Schmitt 2002 - German

A good Wine as give away.  Nice summer wine if the weather is hot: herb elegance, fruity, round, beneficial, reviving in the taste. He is chilled well suitably as aperitif. The wine seems pale yellow in the glass and can be drunk with a lot of consumption. This wine should be served chilled (8 – 10oC) as an accompaniment to fish and vegetables.

Filzener Steinberger Riesling Spatlese 2004 – German

An honest Riesling in the classic end architectural style. Typical, clear Riesling Bouquet, pleasant in the nose, fine acid compensated harmonically, round, very high-quality composition. Ideal to the morning drinking on the Sunday or holiday and to special occasions.

Wiltinger Scharzberg Riesling Auslese 2005 – German


Very high-quality dessert wine of distinctive sweet and fruit. Much character, comparable with a good liqueur, with the advantage of the clearly lower alcoholic content. Concise bouquet good to drink, delicious.

Mauchenheimer Sioner Klosterberg Scheurebe 2004 – German


Very high-quality dessert wine of distinctive sweet and fruit. With a nice acidity. Very harmonically sweetness which is underlined by the acidity. Not only sweet, a wine in his best form.

Oak Aged Port 2000 (Sweet Fortified Wine)

Hunter Valley, Australia Oak Aged Port - the base wine in this port was made in 1975. The grapes used were Cabernet, Pinot Noir and Muscat. Fortified using old Brandy Spirit. Sweet rich character gained from time in oak.

Alcohol: 18.5%

Chocolate Port (Sweet Fortified Wine)

Swan Valley, Australia Chocolate Port – A fine port flavoured by chocolate, the drink of the ancient Aztecs! Try sipped through crushed ice or whipped cream as the ultimate modern indulgence.

Alcohol: 19.4%

Spanish Wines

Los Palcos Cream (Sweet Port Wine)

Colour: Pale yellow
Aroma: Strong wood at nose
Temperature: 8 - 10º C.
Alcohol: 13.5%
Age: Minimum 3 years in oaks, through Solera and Ageing process.

Old Porter (Sweet Port Wine)

Colour: Dark brown
Aroma: With note of crianza and soft fruits testing
Testing: In the mouth sweet fruity with slow change to old oak
Temperature: 15 - 20º C.
Alcohól: 17% vol.
Age: Minimum 4 or 5 years in oaks, through Solera and Ageing process

Sweet Wines
Israeli Wines

Gamla Muscat 2003 (Fruity Fragrant Refreshing Sweetish White)

THE WINE Fresh floral, bright citrus, ripe apple and aromatic peppermint notes characterize the 2003 Gamla Muscat Canelli. This wine is medium boiled, with a fresh flavorful finish. A hint of sweetness rounds out the wine´s character. Though best on the young side, this wine will hold up well for a couple of years after the harvester. We enjoy drinking Gamla Muscat Canelli with a few canaps before dinner, or with spicy Asian cuisine.

Alcohol: 13.5%

Golan Moscato 2003 (Light Sparkling White)

Grape Varietals: Muscat Canelli.
Vineyards: Southern Golan Heights.
Winemaking: In the style of Moscato d’Asti. Very cold fermentation finished early, some of the carbon dioxide produced naturally retained in the wine.
Tasting Note: Aromatic with strong floral character. Gentle sparkle and low alcohol content make it light and refreshing.

Yarden Muscat 2002 (Floral Typical Sweetish White)

The 2002 Yarden Muscat offers an aromatic blend of orange, floral, vanilla and oak notes: a rich mixture of fruit, perfume and spice. This complex, sweet dessert wine combines great intensity with elegance and drinkability. Yarden Muscat ages well for years with the wine slowly taking on pleasant notes of marmalade and roasted nuts. We enjoy this wine either with dessert or as dessert. Try it with crème brulee, Key lime pie or cheese cake.

Alcohol: 13.9%

Australian Wines

Gewurtztraminer 2001 (Slightly Sweet White Wine)

This wine has been handcrafted and bottled from specially selected Hunter grapes in Australia. This is dulcet wine with an aromatic spicy bouquet and a clean, crisp, lingering and slightly sweet flavour on the palate.


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