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Promotion for the Month of August 2014
This promotion is valid from 1-31 August

1. Dolcetto DŽAlba D.O.C Magallo 2008 (Red Wine) - Italy

The most widespread vine in Langa is Dolcetto cultivated since time immemorial on the hardest hills through countries of continuous work. This young, fresh wine preserves the pleasent qualities of the grapes (i.e. Dolcetto), it is made from a simple, though refined wine. It is praised by the most authoritative palates as a great wine representing its area of production with style. The Casetta Winery patiently and skillfully select grapes grown on the hills of the Langhe around Alba to make this Dolcetto DŽAlba cru, "Vigna Magalla". The ruby red colour with deep reflection, tending at times towards violet is intriguing to the eye. Its fragrance of aroma with a slight hint of aroma with a slight hint of spice and its distinctive vicious bouquet with suggestions of plum and cherry mix giving the dry balance and harmonious taste, characteristic of the Dolcetto which make it an easy drinkable and sociable wine for all occasions. This wine is suitable with every course for red wine lovers. It is best served slightly chilled at 16 - 20 deg C (60.8 - 68 deg F). The Alcohol content is 13.0% by volume.

S$30.15 per bottle for a case purchase

Normal price is S$35.50 per bottle

2. Riesling Classic A. Schmitt 2006 - Germany

A good Wine as give away. Nice summer wine if the weather is hot: herb elegance, fruity, round, beneficial, reviving in the taste. It is chilled well suitably as aperitif. The wine seems pale yellow in the glass and can be drunk with a lot of consumption. This wine should be served chilled (8 ?10ºC) as an accompaniment to fish and vegetables.

S$26.90 per bottle for a case purchase

Normal price is $31.70 per bottle (2006)

3. Moscato D Asti DOCG (White Sparkling) - Italy

Colour: straw yellow or more or less intense yellow.
Bouquet: characteristic sweet-smelling aroma of muscatel.
Taste: sweet, aromatic, characteristic of muscatel.
Minimum alcohol content: 10.5% vol, of which not less than one third of all reducing sugars are unfermented.
Serving Suggestions: It makes a perfect finish to any meal, being suitable for sweets and all kinds of dessert

S$46.40 per bottle for a case purchase

Normal price is S$54.60 per bottle

4. Nebbiolo D Alba DOC 2000 (Full Bodied Red) - Italy

Colour: more or less strong ruby-red, with garnet highlights on ageing. Bouquet: slight, delicate that recalls the raspberry and the violet, which increases and improves with the ageing Taste: dry, pleasant, with a good body, rightly tannic when young, velvety, harmonic. Minimum alcohol content: 13% vol. Serving Suggestion: A strightforward, sincere wine, it is suitable every day and for special occasions. Serve at: 18 - 20 deg C

S$74.80 per bottle for a case purchase

Normal price is S$88.00 per bottle


* There will be free delivery within Singapore for a minimum order of 1 case (12 bottles)-Customers can also choose assorted wines from the above for a case.


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